Cancer Client Beats the Chances, Hopes to Inspire Others

James Nebus, 71, never ever expected to stroll his daughter down the aisle or see the birth of his very first grand son.

While the holiday time is expected to joyful, that was not the case for the Nebus household. In December of 2000, they received the grim news that Nebus had a brain growth and only had months to live. However with extremely aggressive treatment, a fighting spirit and a supportive household, he is now a cancer survivor who is wanting to motivate other clients with his story.

Identified with a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the most aggressive kind of brain growths, Nebus took his prognosis head on and investigated readily available treatment choices. That was when he found Dr. Phillip G. St. Louis, a Florida Hospital neurosurgeon, and Dr. Nicholas Avgeropoulos, a Florida Health center Cancer Institute neuro-oncologist, who collaborated to help give Nebus his fighting opportunity.

Quickly after the preliminary medical diagnosis, Nebus went through brain surgery to get rid of the growth and implant Gliadel Wafers. Authorized by the Fda, these chemotherapeutic wafers are placed straight into the cavity where the growth was removed.

Over a number of days, the wafers launch radiation treatment and attack cancer cells. Gliadel Wafers are the only FDA-approved treatment to supply extremely focused chemotherapy directly to the brain, while preventing systemic adverse effects typically related to chemotherapy. These biodegradable wafers are clinically proven to prolong survival without jeopardizing quality of life, as is typically the case with such aggressive treatments.

It has been more than 5 years because Nebus had this preliminary operation. Since his diagnosis, Avgeropoulos has thoroughly supervised Nebus, administering additional treatments, to provide combined advantages of the treatments.

“Implanting the Gliadel Wafers only added a few minutes onto the preliminary surgical treatment, yet the results have actually supported James living more than 5 years after surgical treatment” stated Avgeropoulos. “We are thrilled by the development of this amazing man.”.

Right after the brain surgery, Nebus returned to his normal life. He played cards, took a trip and spent time with his family. And although he retired, his household has maintained the household company, Rock Creek RV Resorts in Naples, Fla

. Each year, the household arranges a fundraiser at the RV turn to raise money for the Florida Health center Cancer Institute and influence other local GBM patients with Nebus’ story of survival. They want to inform other families to never lose hope, no matter exactly what the diagnosis.

Nebus’ growth has returned two times since that preliminary operation. Both times, St. Louis removed the tumor and implanted extra Gliadel Wafers. Nebus’ family can not be particular just how much time he has actually left, however they are extremely thankful for the past five and a half years and the valuable memories they have shared as a family. – NU.